The Live Web: Four Important Shifts

The Live Web is a book I’m writing about four important shifts that are going to impact the future Internet:

The Shift to the Cloud – more and more services are being made available online. There is much work to be done in correlating these services so that they work together on behalf of the individual. Events and user-centric identity technologies are a new model for tackling this problem.

The Shift to Real-Time – as we noted earlier, more and more real-time data is available to developers and users are demanding that their apps work in real-time, just like their data.  Topics like events, webhooks, websockets, and web callbacks on are getting increased attention.

The Shift to the Individual – individualized online experiences are becoming more and more the norm.  Online marketing is finding less and less “oomph” in the “track and target” mentality of traditional advertising models.  Sessions on topics like “Vendor Relationship Management” and “Personal Data Stores” are showing up at more and more conferences.

The Shift to the App – the iPhone, Android platform, and even Chrome browser are popularizing the idea of “apps,” applications that you buy from an app marketplace and use on the device.  This willingness to download and use apps is changing how developers will interact with end users.

The Live Web deals directly with all of these shifts and their implications for developers, product managers, entrepreneurs, and businesses in a comprehensive and holistic way. Dealing with these shifts using traditional programming models is difficult.  The event model put forth in The Live Web attacks the problem head-on by providing techniques that deal specifically with the problems that traditional solutions have.

If you’d like to hear more, please download and read Chapter 1 of The Live Web (PDF). I’d welcome your feedback and ideas.


~ by windley on June 10, 2011.

One Response to “The Live Web: Four Important Shifts”

  1. This specific blog, “The Live Web: Four Important Shifts
    The Live Web” indicates the fact that you understand what u are communicating about!
    I personally fully am in agreement. Thanks -Eldon

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